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Sweden Music Entertainment (former Odd & Even Production). A Swedish Independent music company. We have been working with music & video production, song writing, CD-Covers, design and artist management since 1992. The company was founded by Teddy Gustafsson and Ulf ”Utti” Larsson in 1992.

We formed a pop group called ”Spot The Difference” in the early -90‘s and won a competition ”POP Stockholm 92”. The competition was made by a local radio station and a local record company called Stockholm Records founded by: Ola Håkansson and Alexander Bard amongst others. And we released our first single ”My Little Angel” and the year after the single ”Don’t Close Your Door”. At that time we also started to produce other artists like Cool James & Black Teacher and GOSH.

After some year off the music industry we decided to give it a new try in 2011 with the release of ”Chezelle’s (Elif Cesmeli) first single ”You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart”.

In 2014, Sweden Music Entertainment are proud to present our new artist Emma Pluppe Karlsson. Emma's new song "Aldrig Lämna Dig" will be out in the stores in the mid of april.

Lately we have been released some covers to try out new talents. Please check them out at our YouTube site.

Our latest talent are a young girl from Sweden, Emma Pluppe Karlsson. Take a look at her video "Strövtåg i hembygden" here. It's a Swedish song with lyrics from one of Sweden's greatest poets, "Gustav Fröding". The music is made by the Swedish band "Mando Diao".

We have been in the music industri since 1992. We have been
working with several artists like: A-Teens, Rednex, Charlotte Perrelli, Cool James & Black Teacher, Gosh, Yummie, Elif Cesmeli etc. We have released several records on labels like: MCA, Polygram (Norway), Stockholm Records, Stockhouse Records, JVC (Japan) and more.


Teddy Gustafsson     Songwriter, Producer, Agent, Talent Scout, Video producer and Owner

Ulf Larsson                  Songwriter, Producer and Master of Mix & Sound

Kent Andreasson       Songwriter, Producer, Video producer and To Much (in a good way)

We all have our regular work and do this whenever we find time between football training, guitar and piano lessons and choir singing and that’s the things our kids do.

We are all from Haninge outside Stockholm in Sweden. We try to help our local music talents in the first place. But if there are any talents out there don’t hesitate to send us a mail or visit our social web sites. We would love to hear what you got! You will find all the links you need under contact.

Regards Sweden Music Entertainment

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